How to boost study motivation in the era of technologies

Motivation plays an important role in a person's life. It is those incentives, techniques that cause a person to take certain actions.

How to boost study motivation in the era of technologies

Motivation and studying in the era of technology

A whole range of activities represents motivation in the educational process. The key concept in this direction is that this is a certain direction of the student's academic training associated with his attitude towards the subject.

Each university aims not to attract as many students as possible and teach them simply according to a single scheme and make them interested so that they want to learn new things and acquire new knowledge and skills. Scientists have long proven that doing an interesting job is much easier and easier than performing any duress tasks. Therefore, each university has its system of motivating students.

How do universities motivate students to learn?

Prestigious and successful universities have their own "motivational program" for students. It is usually based on all kinds of awards and honors for successful students. Let's consider the most popular ways to encourage students to acquire new knowledge and skills.

1. Presentation of letters, acknowledgments, and diplomas.

This motivation method is encouraging and works for active and successful students who have participated in various scientific events: Olympics, conferences, workshops, etc. The presentation of the awards (even if it was far from the first place) makes the student's participation in the event more important and more significant. He understands that the university administration values ​​his successes and achievements. This approach allows the student to be interested in achieving great success, setting a new personal record, etc.

2. Granting additional payments, scholarships, and other material benefits.

With the development of market relations, people began to assess their attitude towards themselves more often regarding "rules". If a student wins an important competition on an international scale, he is entitled to an increased scholarship for students or an additional "monetary prize". This is also a kind of motivation that encourages a person to learn.

3. Motivation from the teacher.

In the learning process, the teacher’s main roles and ability to interest the students. The teacher must indicate what is “not allowed” and what is “allowed”, what the student must learn and for what, how the skills and knowledge acquired in life will be useful to him to show the value of learning.

Another option for the motivation to study can be the relationship between teacher and student. Suppose a student understands that he can get advice and help and discuss the subject and study with the teacher questions. In that case, he becomes more interested in the comprehensive analysis of the issue and discusses the topic and research.

4. Respect for students.

Regardless of the student's progress and behavior, his attitude towards discipline, the teacher, the university must respect him. Respect is manifested, first of all, about the student: he appeals to him (you), the absence of insults, the encouragement of academic success (praise), etc.