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Financial Aid for Students in Need

Financial Aid for Students in Need

Who said it's easy to be a student? We want to enjoy everything without thinking about financial worries. Well, even if we’re going to ignore them, they're there, giving us a headache every time we check our bank cards. And if we also have the misfortune of not being among the budget students, things get even more complicated. For crises when you need $1,000 now, Edsurgeindepent.com has for you a list of some student loans that you can use to cover your financial needs. However, we recommend that you choose wisely and be careful. Some interest rates can be pretty high.


This lending company grants loans to finance post-secondary, university, or post-university studies, carried out in the country or abroad. Applicants are not required to provide proof of income. The bank accepting up to three co-payers to participate with their income on credit.

The loan without guarantees is granted in dollars and has a maximum level of $30,000 in post-secondary / university studies, respectively $88,000, in the case of post-university studies. The maximum repayment period is seven years and ten years.

The fixed interest rate is 13.9% if the loan is repaid within 24 months and 14.9% for higher maturities. The bank charges a file analysis fee of $10.

In the loan with real estate guarantees, available in dollars, the maximum amount is $25,000 for post-secondary or university studies or $50,000 for post-university studies. The loan can be repaid in 7 years, respectively 15 years. The interest rate can be variable, standing at 9.92% / year for the loan in dollars, or fixed for the first year, of 10.9%, later becoming the variable.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae finances studies of any level, preschool, school, high school, university, postgraduate. The loan provides financing of up to $15,000, without real estate mortgage, or up to $100,000, with real estate mortgage, for tuition fees, as well as for other costs, up to a maximum of $1,000 per month of studies.

The lending period reaches up to 10 years in the case of unsecured credit and 20 years in a mortgage loan. The annual interest for the unsecured loan is 6.5%. An analysis fee of $25 is required, and an administration fee of 0.32% per month.

Federal Student Loans

They finance the costs of postgraduate studies up to a limit of $65,000 for seven years. To access a study loan, clients must have been in their current job for at least three years and have received their salary in an account opened with one American bank.

The interest is 8.53%. These federal student loans charge a file analysis fee of $10 and a credit administration fee of 0.3% applied monthly to the current credit balance. Students can apply for a loan in dollars at UniCredit with a maximum value of $45,000 for a period of up to 10 years. The loan is granted with a real estate guarantee. The bank accepts up to 2 co-borrowers. The loan has a variable interest rate of 9.58%. The file analysis commission is $25.

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