Best ways to save money for students

Best ways to save money for students

We all know very well that money is always a problem while studying. Without a job, surviving on money, it is difficult to manage and afford everything you want. However, even if you do not have a part-time job and do not receive a scholarship, there are several ways to save money as a student. For next week's anniversary, for a pair of Zara pants or anything else you need. If you follow these tips and give up the little things that consume most of your money, you will realize that it is not that hard to save!

1. Don’t use common transport, just walk!

There is no point in paying for a taxi or subway ticket if the distance you want to cover is not that great. If it doesn't rain heavily or you don't have an exam in 5 minutes, then walk. The advantage? You move and save money.

2. Shop at the supermarket

At the corner store, everything is more expensive, and they do not have such a wide variety of products. Make an effort and buy everything you need from a nearby supermarket.

3. Buy only what you need

You will be tempted to put another chocolate bar in the basket, plus a shower gel, plus a tablecloth, plus ... That's it, stop. Buy only what is written on the shopping list, i.e., staple foods, really necessary care products, so you will be able to control your expenses much easier.

4. Get dressed on second-hand

Yes, we are not kidding, if in the past used cars were viewed with suspicion, now you can find quality clothes, almost new, some even branded, in such stores. Give less money, and you're cool/vintage/(insert another fashion word here).

5. Talk on Facebook/Skype

Why spend a lot of money on your phone bill instead of taking advantage of the internet? Talk to your friends on Skype (so they have the opportunity to see you face to face), lie down with friends on Facebook, and keep your phone only for important calls when you are not at home.

6. Make a student card

Discover IT and Chase Freedom Student Cards are the best friends of US students. You have discounts on drinks, food, epilation, public transport, bowling, gym, dentist and whatever else you want. The offers are very good and help you keep your wallet full.

7. Organize cooking evenings with roommates

If you make a pot full of spaghetti, soup or chicken rice for four people, you will spend much less money than usual, you will spend a beautiful evening together and maybe you will make a habit of it. After all, who doesn't like to socialize, eat well, and keep the money in their pocket?